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What is a cistern?

A cistern is a large above-ground container used to collect roof water. It is like a huge rain barrel and can hold 200 or more gallons. Water is collected by connecting the cistern to gutter downspouts via pipes. During the winter, cisterns store rain to reduce the amount of water entering the sewer system. In the summer, this water can be used for watering. Cisterns come in several sizes and shapes to fit in a variety of situations.

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What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a shallow depression containing spongy soil and a variety of plants that thrive in northwest sun, soil and moisture conditions. It collects water from your roof downspout and allows it to safely soak into the ground. Rain gardens can be designed to fit your property.

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Can I have both a rain garden and a cistern?

You can certainly get both a rain garden and a cistern, or just a cistern, or just a rain garden. If you want a rain garden and cistern combo, you can either have them placed in separate locations, or have the cistern outflow into the rain garden. 

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