265 Gallon Cistern
420 Gallon Cistern
420 Gallon Cistern
Mark - Seattle

"Kat installed a 420 gallon cistern for us. It will be perfect for watering our garden beds well into the summer. Kat does great work. She is professional and punctual and very organized. Kat communicates well and follows through. She knows Seattle’s Rain Wise Program very well and can help you take advantage of the rebates you qualify for. "
420 Gallon Cistern
530 Gallon Cistern
530 Gallon Cistern
Tania - Seattle

"Kat was fantastic to work with. She's super nice, and the work was done right, on time, and on budget. Plus, my cistern turned out looking better than I expected! I'm already thinking about the next project that I could use her help with."
530 Gallon Cistern
Nicolette - Seattle

"I highly recommend Kat With A K Landscaping to anyone looking for high quality work and a friendly personality! Kat was great to work with - she was communicative, helpful in answering all my questions, and did an amazing job installing my cistern. I was luckily eligible for Rainwise and Kat made the rebate process completely painless."
660 Gallon Cistern
Susan - Seattle

"I'm so happy I chose to work with Kat! She handled all the details and made the process go smoothly. I didn't have to do a thing! She is knowledgeable and works to a high standard. I would definitely work with her again. Thank you Kat!"
865 Gallon Cistern
Kari - Seattle

"It was such a pleasure to work with Katherine, thanks to her knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency. She communicated very clearly, helped me understand the things I needed to know, and showed up when she said she would. I am looking forward to more projects with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of work done."
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Rain Gardens & Cistern

Rain Garden Planting
Dagmar & Bob - Seattle
Rain Garden & 420 Gallon Cistern
Taylor - Seattle

"I had this vision for my rain garden and cistern, with native plants taking up a lot of space in my yard. Kat not only made my vision happen it turned out even more amazing than I thought possible! She was professional, responsive, informative, educational, communicative, and friendly. She is so easy to work with and I love looking out my windows every day!"
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Cistern & Landscaping

420 Gallon Cistern & Full Landscaping
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Maintenance & Repair

Cistern Repair
Shane - Seattle

"Katherine was very responsive in our communications and always prompt. She really is an expert in her field and was able to troubleshoot my problems, fix said problems, and explain everything in a detailed and informed way. She was a delight to work with!"

• Redid entire piping due to leakage
• Fixed low-flow so that it can be opened by homeowner (previously stuck shut)
• Secured all previously loose piping to the house
Rain Garden Maintenance
Deb - Seattle

"“Kat did a great job cleaning out my overgrown rain garden and replanting the bare spots. She consulted with me about planting options, and completed the work as scheduled.”
Rain Garden Maintenance
George - Seattle
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