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265 Gallon Cistern
Rain Garden Maintenance
Deb - Seattle

"“Kat did a great job cleaning out my overgrown rain garden and replanting the bare spots. She consulted with me about planting options, and completed the work as scheduled.”
Rain Garden & 420 Gallon Cistern
Taylor - Seattle

"I had this vision for my rain garden and cistern, with native plants taking up a lot of space in my yard. Kat not only made my vision happen it turned out even more amazing than I thought possible! She was professional, responsive, informative, educational, communicative, and friendly. She is so easy to work with and I love looking out my windows every day!"
530 Gallon Cistern
530 Gallon Cistern
Nicolette - Seattle

"I highly recommend Kat With A K Landscaping to anyone looking for high quality work and a friendly personality! Kat was great to work with - she was communicative, helpful in answering all my questions, and did an amazing job installing my cistern. I was luckily eligible for Rainwise and Kat made the rebate process completely painless."
660 Gallon Cistern
865 Gallon Cistern
Kari - Seattle

"It was such a pleasure to work with Katherine, thanks to her knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency. She communicated very clearly, helped me understand the things I needed to know, and showed up when she said she would. I am looking forward to more projects with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of work done."
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