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Who We Are

Rain Gardens & Cisterns

We are a small local business focused on rain gardens and cisterns, among other ecological landscaping. Rain Gardens and cisterns are our passions since we believe strongly in the environmental benefits of harvesting storm water to create aesthetic and functional interest in anyone's yards.

Native Plants

In our work we hold expertise and encourage the use of native plants. Native plants naturally thrive in our regional ecosystem, and provides food for the local bird, bees, and other pollinators in our wildlife. If you have ever gone on a hike in areas around Seattle and admired the local flora, consider having them in your own yard by planting natives!

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Good Design

Another one of our major believes is in good design. Good design will generate interest, engagement, and appeal to a landscape. We have on our team a landscape designer who will plan accordingly to your space so that good flow permeates through your yard. 

Proud Craftsmanship

One ideal that we will never compromise on is our craftsmanship. We take pride in our work and take steps to improve our skills with every installation. We follow lines of a house to minimize messy-looking piping. Our work solid, making sure there are no leaks or disconnected piping. We install works having it in mind that it will still be around for years to come. 

Meet Our Team Members


Katherine Shyi (also goes by "Kat") is the owner of Kat's Rain Gardens & Cisterns. Kat has been working with rain gardens and cisterns since 2016. Kat graduated from Antioch University and earned her bachelors degree in liberal arts. She then joined DIRT Corps to learn about green infrastructure. At DIRT Corps she learned how to build, design, and maintain rain gardens and cisterns. Kat became drawn to both these green systems because of the practicality, beauty, and ecological benefits. She also loves working with native plants in her projects.

When she's not working on cisterns and rain gardens, she works part-time at a local nursery called Go Natives!, tends to her container garden, likes to go out dancing, and of course... hanging out with her cats Bandit and Pancakes (not pictured)!

Katherine Shyi


Luke Templer is a trusty crew member of Kat's Rain Garden & Cisterns! Luke was born and raised in India, which is where he was first inspired by rainwater catchment systems and ecological design. In 2011, Luke moved to Seattle to study at Seattle Central and Antioch University. Since then, he has worked in the fields of urban farming, landscape construction,  green infrastructure, and has been improving his skills with installing cisterns, rain gardens, and greywater systems. Over the years, he has installed many different types of cisterns, but believes there is always room for growth and to hone one's skills. On his days off, Luke rides his beloved BMX bicycle all over the city. He is avid about this hobby and takes great pride in it like he does his work.

Luke Templer


Caitlin Moorleghen is the latest addition to our great team and lends her design expertise. Caitlin specializes in naturalistic style landscapes and rainwater management strategies. She has a degree in Architecture from the University of San Francisco, but was charmed into focusing on landscapes after spending much time in Golden Gate Park and the surrounding landscapes of the Bay Area. She has been working as a garden designer for the last 6 years and integrates edible, medicinal and other sensory plants into her planting plans. Through thoughtful design, she hopes to encourage people to spend more time outside, smell the flowers, grow some food and enjoy the natural world. 

Caitlin Moorleghen
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