Katherine Shyi - Owner

Katherine Shyi (also goes by "Kat") graduated from Antioch University and earned her bachelors degree in liberal arts. She then joined DIRT Corps to learn about green infrastructure. At DIRT Corps she learned how to build, design, and maintain rain gardens and cisterns. Kat became drawn to both these green systems because of the practicality, beauty, and ecological benefits. She also loves working with native plants in her design.

When she's not working on cisterns and rain gardens, she works part-time at a local nursery called Go Natives!, tends to her container garden, likes to go out dancing, and of course... hanging out with her cat Bandit (not pictured)!


Luke Templer - Crew 

Luke Templer is a trusty crew member of Kat with a K Landscaping! Luke was born and raised in India, which is where he was first inspired by rainwater catchment systems and ecological design. In 2011, Luke moved to Seattle to study at Seattle Central and Antioch University. Since then, he has worked in the fields of urban farming, landscape construction,  green infrastructure, and has been improving his skills with installing cisterns, rain gardens, and greywater systems. Over the years, he has installed many different types of cisterns, but believes there is always room for growth and to hone one's skills. On his days off, Luke rides his beloved BMX bicycle all over the city. He is avid about this hobby and takes great pride in it like he does his work.