Rain Gardens & Cisterns
Build, Design, & Maintenance

Kat with a K Landscaping LLC specializes in rain gardens and cisterns within the Seattle area. We strive to help residents gain insight on the ecological, practical, and aesthetics of rain gardens and cisterns for their property. We also maintain already existing rain gardens. Our expertise also lies in native plants of the Pacific Northwest, and we encourage the benefits of planting natives. Contact us if you are ready for a rain garden, cistern, or both!


"Kat was responsive, informative and extremely professional from start to finish. She is passionate about her work and committed to excellent customer service, and she delivered! Kat reviewed various cistern options with us, explained set up, maintenance and management of the cisterns to ensure we fully understood what we were signing up for. Kat provided plenty of notice for materials delivery and cistern installation dates. She and Luke were efficient in their work and the final installation is... dare I say, beautiful! The platform is well-built, there was *no* mess left behind, and the alignment of the piping is level while the amount of piping is minimal and fit to the space. We highly recommend Kat - she does not disappoint."

~Alexis & Dylan, Seattle (system pictured above)


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